Is Your Skin Purging or Are You Breaking Out?

Hello everyone, welcome to my second blog post. Today I want to share with everyone a little something I've learned with having a skincare business and also with learning about my skin and how to listen to it. I've learned its still possible to have a skin care business and still have breakouts (lol), but its important to be able to to identify what kind of break out you are having. Today I will be breaking down the difference between your skin purging and having pimple break outs.

When I first started using my natural skin care products my skin instantly cleared up and I thought I finally had the answer to ending all break outs. I was wrong, a week later my skin broke out and I was very confused and thought I had failed. As I was doing some research to try and better my products I stumbled across something called purging. Purging is when your skin reacts to an active ingredient to increase skin cell turnover this causes your skin to shed dead skin cells faster than normal. This is to expose the fresh new skin layer under neath. It's almost like your skin is going through a detox. While this is happening your skin is pushing all the bad stuff and toxins to the surface to get rid of it. This looks different for everyone though. For me it was a week of white heads and pimples. For other this could look like, black heads zits, cyst and pre-pimples that can't be seen very well. Dry skin that is peeling is also a sign of purging. The skin purging is normally not painful and that's what sets it apart from other skin break outs.

For me I know my skin is purging due to diet. I know when I eat certain things my skin will react to them and purging for 3-5 days to try and get rid of the toxins. I try to drink as much water as I can and stick to my regular skin care routine which is: Morning time lemon honey soap bars followed with hemp and honey butter. For night time I use a turmeric ginger soap bar and lemon honey sugar scrub followed by hemp and honey butter.

Here are some tip for identifying a break out and a purge:

Break out/ Reaction:

-Breaking out in areas you do not tend to get break outs

-Typically shows signs of inflammation (redness, tender, itchy and swollen)

-May last for a long time

-Usually caused by comedogenic or irritating ingredients in skincare products


-Sudden appearance of breakouts in areas you usually tend to break out in

-Not itchy or painful

-Caused by ingredients/ treatments that increases cell turnover such as: Retinoids/ Retinol, AHAs and BHAs and Exfoliation

-clears up in 3-8 days

comment bellow what your go to products are for break outs even if it isn't a HoneyGirl Skincare product it could help other people out.

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