My name is Amber and I am the owner and founder of HoneyGirl Skincare. I too have struggled with not just finding quality products for my sensitive skin but products that are also affordable. I work hard every day researching every ingredient so that I am able to provide nothing less than the best of products for all of my customers. No matter what skin type you have there will always be a product here to bring you the most healthy beautiful skin you deserve.



You may be wondering what makes use so different from other skin care products well here is your answer. 

Every product sold is made with 100% raw unprocessed honey. Honey is one of the worlds most precious treasures when it comes to healing the body naturally. From curing respiratory infections to aiding in wound healing, Honey has a multitude of uses in the natural world. Honey contains 31 different minerals and plenty of enzymes. Honey can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, soothe wounds and heal sore throats. The pollen in raw honey can help fight allergy symptoms. 

When applied on your face honey opens up your skin pores to cleanse them and get rid of black heads. The antioxidants, antiseptics and antibacterial properties in honey allow it to help fight acne by keeping your pores free of oily dirt while at the same time keeping them hydrated and tight to give your skin a clearer complexion.



Even though honey plays a big part in producing my hand craft natural skincare products I still work to respect and love bees. Bees are amazing creatures. We all need to work hard to help save them. I enjoy planting pollinating gardens to help boost the native species of bees in Michigan.